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sermon series

2020 was tough...

Like a car after driving through a bunch of potholes, our lives need realignment after the last year. 

God provides the gift of His Word and Holy Spirit to recalibrate our lives. He does this with individual life stories. He also does this with the shared story of a church family including through our church’s vision, mission, strategic priorities and guiding principles (formerly known as Vision Pillars). Now is the time for us to more fully live into who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do. 

Join us as we Recalibrate!

join us on saturday nights at mcc

 REGISTER HERE for January 16, 2021 @ MCC

   For information on what to expect and protocols in place for the service, please click here.

pack the sprinter!

There is a critical need to restock the food pantry in our community. 

Please see the attached list for needed items.

Click here for graphic to share with your neighborhood Facebook page. Let's get our community involved too! Many people are looking for ways to help others!

REstoration online options!

Our team is fully committed to keeping you engaged in the midst of this crisis! We have ways for you to connect with each other - and with our staff -using your smartphones and computers:


Saturday, 5pm at Mechanicsville Christian Center or on Facebook and YouTube

Sunday, 10am on Facebook and YouTube


Need a password to a Zoom class?  Click here to request one.

The Word Class - Sunday at 8:30am Leviticus (Registration Link here)

Women's Ministry - Tuesday at 7am (Zoom)

Men's Ministry - Tuesday 6:30am (Zoom)

Looking for more options? Click here.


Monday - Sunday at 9am - Bible Story (Facebook)

Sunday & Monday morning - Bible Lessons (PreK-1st and 2nd - 5th)  (Facebook)

Sunday evening - Bible Lesson with Miss Ellen (Facebook)

Weekly Lesson Plans - Click here to download.


We will be meeting virtually in January.  

Sunday Nights High School 6:30pm-8:30pm (Zoom)

Wednesday Nights Middle School 6:30-8pm (Zoom)

we would love to pray for you!

Please share your request by email or text PRAYER to 804-362-0052.

helping our community

We realize that with everything going on in the world that lives have been turned upside down. 

There are people that need some help right now and there are people that need a place to help others.

We have created a way to help both groups! Sign up here to register with your need or how you can help!


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RFTW 1-11-21

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