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REstoration online!

Our team is fully committed to keeping you engaged in the midst of this crisis, and although we're

not able to meet in person, that doesn't mean we're not able to have fellowship with each other

and grow as a community! We have ways for you to connect with each other - and with our staff -

using your smartphones and computers:


Sunday at 10:30am - Facebook Live

Sunday Post Worship Conversation at 11:30am (Zoom)

Click HERE to download the Study Guide for the upcoming sermon.


Wednesdays at noon (Zoom)

Need a password to a Zoom class? Click here to request one.

Want to sign up for the weekly prayer email? Click here to be added.


Need a password to a Zoom class?  Click here to request one.

Sunday at 9am - The Word Class - Acts (Registration Link here)

Men's Ministry - Tuesday at 6:30am, Friday at 6:30am (Zoom)

MANera Bible Study - Thursday at 6:50am (Zoom)

Women's Ministry - Tuesday at 7am (Zoom)

Looking for more options? Click here.


Sunday Night Bible Study

7pm Middle School & 8pm High School (Zoom)

Having trouble logging on?  Email here to request help.


Monday - Sunday at 9am - Bible Story (Facebook)

Sunday & Monday morning - Bible Lessons (PreK-1st and 2nd - 5th)  (Facebook)

Sunday evening - Bible Lesson with Miss Ellen (Facebook)

Weekly Lesson Plans - Click here to download.

it is neighbors week!

Take a Step and Reach Out! Here are some examples of ways you can reach out and check in on your neighbors.

Pray for your neighbors – take a 10 minute prayer walk

Drop a bunch of flowers on a front porch

Mow their lawn or other yard work

Schedule some lawn chair time in your front yard

Create a sidewalk mural together

Pass on painted rocks with verses

Make two phone calls

Tell them you’re here to help, and so is your church!

the prayer truck is on the road!

Restoration Church is taking to the streets!! Be on the lookout for the Prayer Truck driving through a neighborhood on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3pm to pray for all who live there!

If you would like the Prayer Truck to stop at your house to pray, tape the #prayertruck flier to your mailbox. Feel free to walk outside with specific prayer requests, too!

At 3pm, the Prayer Truck will go to the clubhouse parking lot for 30 minutes for people to come for prayer.


May 26th - Milestone

May 28th - Ashcreek

we would love to pray for you!

Please share your request by email or text PRAYER to 804-362-0052.

helping our community

We realize that with everything going on in the world that lives have been turned upside down. 

There are people that need some help right now and there are people that need a place to help others.

We have created a way to help both groups! Sign up here to register with your need or how you can help!

stay connected & encouraged!

In this season of sheltering in place, services and ministry gatherings at Restoration Church are fully online.

Please reach out if we can help in any way. 

Share how you are worshiping from home! Send pictures to

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Restoration for the Week

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RFTW 5-25-20

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