Restoration Church is located in Mechanicsville, VA, a suburb of Richmond. Restoration is

seeking the next installed pastor to lead our church into God’s preferred future! 

Requirements for this position include:

  • Ordained or ability to become ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)
  • A visionary who can lead in executing the vision and outreach efforts of the church while being intentional in witnessing in groups and individuals
  • Possess a high level of emotional intelligence and discernment skills
  • Leadership with people management and coaching skills
  • Capacity to teach and connect the Good News of Jesus Christ to people caught in the undertow of today’s culture and spiritual warfare
  • Has a warmth of personality that people respond to because of his/her relationship with Jesus Christ as modeled in their lives

To learn more about this position, please feel free to download our Church Information Form

HERE and the Job Description HERE

If you feel you are being called to this position, we invite you to email your Pastor Information Form and resume to our Pastor Nominating Committee Chair, Dan Essad.

What We Believe

We are a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). As part of this

denomination we affirm key essentials (below), and also keep its motto in mind: "In essentials

unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity."

We believe that all Scripture is self-attesting and, being Truth, requires our unreserved submission

in all areas of life. The infallible Word of God, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments,

is a complete and unified witness to God’s redemptive acts culminating in the incarnation of the

Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible, uniquely and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the

supreme and final authority on all matters on which it speaks.

We affirm as our foundation the EPC’s "The Seven Essentials".

Our Vision

Imperfect people helping our community embrace the life-restoring grace of Jesus together

Our Mission

Make disciples, Grow in faith

Our Strategic Priorities

Outreach: Providing ways for people to connect to the cross and gospel of Jesus Christ at all ages

Engage: Encouraging and challenging people to engage in ministries that grow their trust in God through individual and corporate events

Grow: Intentional focus on both spiritual and numeric growth through disciple-making ministries which foster deeper connections with Jesus Christ and one another

Send: Intentionally train and send congregation members to be disciples making disciples where they live, work and play.

Our Guiding Principles


1. Relentlessly makes disciples who make disciples.

2. Cultivates authentic and Biblical relationships where God restores His people in His image.

3. Is grounded in God’s Word and driven to be obedient in it.

4. Fully surrenders to the work and movement of the Holy Spirit embodied in us all.

5. Intentionally engages all people in the natural intersections of our lives to point others toward

Jesus Christ.

6. Seeks to challenge the complacent, encourage the troubled, and embrace God's hope for all.

7. Fully depending on the power of the Gospel, the Truth that is Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

for our strength in a broken world.