now is the time

to step forward to help us live out the vision of helping our community embrace the life-restoring grace of Jesus. 

NOW IS THE TIME for us to step forward together in this movement that God has birthed within our church. 

This involves being a part of changed lives. This requires all of us.

This project will require the entire Restoration family to engage together as we devote ourselves afresh to God’s work, recognizing that our generosity and sacrifice are simply a response to Jesus’ life-restoring grace at work in our own lives.

Additional ways to give


frequently asked questions

Why are we seeking funds for this?

God has opened the door for us to plant deep in our community through moving into a new home and home base in the former 13,000 sq. ft. Atlee Library space. We are committing to grow again as a church family as we move into our new space where we can be a blessing to one another and to our community. Our current giving is supporting the mission and ministries of Restoration Church. The additional money you pledge and give will be used to build out our Vision Fund to support the development of the new space and fuel our ministry in the Mechanicsville area.

How will it work with current giving?

Pledges and gifts will be over and above our normal tithes and offerings over a three-year period.

Are gifts to this initiative tax deductible?

Yes, all giving is tax deductible.  There are special tax benefits for 2020 for charitable giving. Please consult your tax consultant for more information.

Can I make a gift of stock?

Yes. Contact the church office for process details.

How else can I participate?

Consider your creative ways to help us raise money for this campaign. As we see in the New Testament book of Acts, the early church sold fields and brought the money to the apostles for the mission of the church. Consider holding a yard sale and donating all the money to this Vision Campaign. Consider selling an asset that God has allowed you to keep and donate the money for such a time as this.

What happens when this Vision Campaign is completed?

We have plans to grow our church family through reaching out to our community. One outcome of that growth will be increased giving to sustain our ministry in the years ahead.

How can I speak with someone about the Campaign?

We would love to speak with you or meet with you to discuss the Vision Campaign. Please feel free to reach out to us at and we will have someone from our leadership follow up with you.