IT Is neighbors week!

Part of the Planting Deep mission of Restoration Church is to be a blessing to our community. 

During this season of COVID-19 and social distancing, it is even more important to remind people

that there is good out there and people care. Join us to help show this love for others!

Three Ways We Give Back

Reverse Fundraisers

Providing lunch to Front Line workers

Blessing our Neighbors

Check out the graphic below to learn which way we are giving back this week!

Click the graphic for the station addresses.

the beginning

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, Restoration's Session (pastors and leadership)

shared about our sense of call to plant this church deep and wide.

With unity, boldness, and courage we believe that God is calling us to step out in faith by planting deep and wide. 

We recommit to growing deeper relationships with Christ and each other through Jeff Lee’s leadership. 

  • We will seek to have a dedicated full time home by April 2020 to be used by our congregation and our community. 
  • We will simultaneously begin the process of planting a church in Ashland through Jon Gibson’s leadership to meet the needs of that community.

When we initially began praying about growing deep and wide, we asked the congregation to feel free to ask any questions they had. The answers to those questions are in the documents below.

FAQ Answers #1

FAQ Answers #2