Position: Administrative Assistant

Job Type: Full Time

Reports To: Lead Pastor


The Administrative Assistant will provide administrative support in order to increase the ministry effectiveness of the Lead Pastor and church communications. This person will oversee the communication processes and volunteer management systems that help the church live into its vision and achieve its goals.

Preparing and executing ministry: 40 hours a week

1.     Invest time into a vital relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study and serving others.
2.     Invest time in developing as a leader and person.
3.     Live into the vision and mission of Restoration Church
4.     Maintain a Sabbath day.
5.     Engage in ministry and professional development

1.     Receives guidance from Lead Pastor
2.     Develops short and long term goals with Lead Pastor
3.     Participate in weekly staff meetings
4.     Expected to operate with minimal supervision.


Administrative Assistant
1.     Fulfill the administrative needs of the Lead Pastor.
2.     Manage the calendar of the Lead Pastor and ensure he has a clear understanding of his weekly and daily schedule.
3.     Set up meetings for the Lead Pastor when requested.
4.     Direct ministry needs to appropriate areas.
5.     Shepherd administrative tasks to completion as directed by the Lead Pastor
6.     Work with Clerk of Session to coordinate communication of Session discernment and accountability for action items
7.     Provide for the completion of Lead Pastor expense reports
8.     Provide for the preparation of Session packets including financial reports for Lead Pastor, the Treasurer and Session members.
9.     Provide for the preparation of reports for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination
10. Provide assistance for weddings and funerals – supporting wedding coordinators who are hands-on liaisons with couples who are getting married and supporting families and staff (volunteer and paid) with funerals
11. Coordinate logistics for group travel to and from all EPC meetings.
12. Participate in staff meetings and retreats as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.

1.     Create and maintain a church-wide communication strategy that supports the church’s ministry vision, mission and strategic goals.
2.     Supervise the church calendar.
3.     Oversee information technology operations for the church, ensuring an excellent technological experience for staff and attendees.
4.     Understand the overall messaging of the church and how it can be implemented most effectively.
5.     Recruit and manage a team of content creators and content managers (print, web, video, social media, etc.) in a manner that aligns with the church’s various communications mechanisms.
6.     Take ultimate responsibility for all pieces of church content, including print, email, social media, web, mobile app, etc. Ensure every piece of content is technically effective, grammatically correct, doctrinally accurate, and within the church’s brand framework.
7.     Create and maintain a church-wide social media strategy (within the church’s overall communications strategy) that supports the church’s ministry goals.

Volunteer and Event Management
1.     Create and maintain a church-wide communication strategy for identifying, recruiting and deploying ministry volunteers.
2.     Oversee and manage volunteer database including tracking of volunteers.
3.     Provide for oversight and facilitation of Restoration workflow procedures for major events and activities.
4.     Establish and provide for facility and equipment reservations of Restoration Church assets, both owned and utilized in ministry.


  • Position may be filled by: preferred to not be a church member
  • Preferred experience: 3+ years serving in a medium-sized to large-sized church'
  • Preferred degree certificates: Bachelors degree preferred
  • Beliefs: Must adhere to the EPC essentials of the Christian faith
  • Spiritual gifts: Administration, Giving
  • Talents or Abilities Desired: Administration, Communication, Excellent organizational skills, Writing, Team Player, Empathy, Proficient in Excel and/or other applicable software programs, Analytical, Proactive and anticipatory
  • Passion for: Supporting the Lead Pastor and staff, management and administrative functions, clear communication, accuracy, keeping track of details

In order to apply - Please submit the following to jobsearch@restorationrva.org

  • Cover letter
  • Resume